Monday, December 23, 2013

Festive 500: Day T-1

Eleven people have gotten back to me with interest in knocking off 500k over the busiest time of the year. It's going to be long. And hard. And sometimes rainy. But it will be good.

The plan for tomorrow is to meet at Johnny Barnes at 5 a.m., try and make it there if you can as I want to get a picture of everyone before we start. Bring food, lots of it. Check your bike over and sign up here if you haven't already: 23,861 registered worldwide.

Tuesday's route: JB depart, west along Harbour Rd, around Dockyard and back the same way. I'm leaving some food and drink at JB, so we can refill there, then continue east via Spanish Point/North Shore, all the way around the back of St Georges via the golf club then into St Davids-Lighthouse-Cleawater and back via Paynters Road - South Shore. Finish at Rock Island; coffee's on me for all who make it.

Rapha is the organizer of this, and they've put together some cycilng videos for people who may need inspiration tomorrrow morning at 4:30a.m.:

Anyone on Twitter or Instagram can use #Festive500

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