Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm an in-the-closet-fan of knuckle tattoos. Not that I want my own - I don't like pain or tetanus and don't know how they'd go over in the office - but they're cool. They require dedication, no doubt about it. Dedication is a prerequisite for any serious cyclist, so I can respect the commitment. On a spectrum they're just slightly above getting out the door to do intervals in the rain.

That's why I was so excited by the Knog gloves Chelsea has brought in over at Bicycle Works. They're leather gloves, great quality and have "LOVE" and "HATE" across the knuckles. Here too, I think any cyclist who's ever done a time trial can relate to the inspiration here. On top of that they're ironic and it's rare in any setting that you have clothes that require both attitude and a sense of humour to pull off.

It's easy to get carried away with cycling gear and outfit yourself in carbon soled shoes, $200 bib shorts and the rest. I get sucked up in it all too, but think I may get a pair of these as a reminder to keep it real and leave the pro stuff to the pros.

Knog is a small brand, but their website is worth a visit to learn more. All I'll say is that it looks like the love child of a bike store and a skate store with a small serving of soft porn.

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