Friday, August 14, 2009

Bermuda Rapha

This has got to be a co-incidence. Last week while looking up the Rapha Continental update I noticed that the hospitality in Montana was decidedly Bermudian. Okay, they call it Ginger Rum and not Ginger Beer, but nobody's perfect.

Anyway, it got me thinking that the competition of summer racing has taken this element out of my riding. To me, winter riding is all about long slow rides while enjoying good conversation that often finishes with a beer in hand before I'm out of my kit. Some of my best winter memories this year involved post ride drinking with Brian where entire bottles of champagne are consumed in-thirst before noon. Somehow, even though the rest of the afternoon is spent napping after a huge breakfast and one glass too many the day still feels like a success because I went for a ride. But now in an effort to get to the top of hills a fraction faster or hold the wheel a little longer, conversation on the bike is more grunts and huffs and the only drinking is HEED and water.

I like the fitness that comes with riding all summer, but as August drags on I'm getting tired and looking forward more and more to the slow days of winter and dark beer.

I've gotten distracted from my original purpose. I thought it was cool that Gosling's was the drink of choice for the Continental. But it was awesome to see a Bermuda write-up by Charlie Pearch on a reputable site about a race that I took part in. You can read it here yourself: Rapha in Bermuda. Graeme and Garth both get appropriately sized up as the locals to keep an eye out for. Peter gets a nod his junior efforts and Mark Lombardi gets special mention for his race face. I thought the Father's Day race was great, and something I'd like to see repeated next year, congratulations again to Rodney and Kent for their awesome ride that day.

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