Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The big race is this Saturday. By big, I mean big: It's the largest US one day with an estimated 2,000 participants. It's also by far the bigggest grouppo I've ever raced in, on the most challenging course around.

Even though I've been planning this for a while it feels like it's snuck up on me at the exact same time that my form has snuck out the back door. I'll just try and hold on for as long as possible.

One thing I'm worried about is drinking and eating enough. I'm going to burn about 3,000 calories and my soigneur (below) won't be able to make it to the race which means I'll be responsible for carrying everything I need.

On post-race drinking, I'm thinking that beer will be the carrot to get me through the race. But at the same time, it's not really the greatest motivation as I'll be legless regardless of the result, so may propose to the team that drinks are on the last finisher.

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