Monday, March 29, 2010

The Win

The team got the first win of the season yesterday. Also won the bunch gallop for second, so it was a satisfying day all around. Dr. Drea went with about 600 meters to go and managed to hold off the field for a well deserved win. Nothing else to add and the picture does the win more justice anyway.

We took some team photos after the race, and I think Phil must have glammed them up a bit as we all look like we're fresh from the tanning salon.

Rode home, crawled up the 18% wall that is Brian's driveway, had some belgian beer with breakfast before the first barbeque of the season with the lovely girlfriend. Kind of a perfect day.

One final note on the below photo from Liz. I know Elliot is a lawyer now, but he's still PRO in my eyes and every time I ride with him I can't help but think "this guy rode the Giro!"

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