Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beer, Christmas, Cycling

Came across this the other day and thought it was one of the coolest cycling videos I had ever seen. Really, you need to watch it right now. And then re-watch it. The crowds. The starter running out of the way. the dismounts and speed. And God, those stairs! How did they do it.

The video is cyclo-cross before there was cyclo-cross. It's racing on the only streets availible, and if that means dismounting to climb 500 stairs and whipping through single lane roads, well that's just what you have to do.

I've thought a long time about why there's no cross on island and am stumped. To me it makes more sense than mountain biking here given the terrain and the circuit courses. Also, initial reports from mountain biking vet Dave Collins in BC are that "you've never really raced until you've raced 'cross."

In that spirit I'm tossing out the idea of doing a fun race towards the end of December around Shelley Bay. The course can be done on a road, mountain or single speed bike and there's a stair case each lap. Dave will also be back to give tips and pointers he's learned. More importantly, a case of beer will be on the line for the winner.

Let me know if there's interest or ideas to make it a better event.

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